VICTORIA, BC (January 15, 2002) - The University of Santo Tomas (UST) in the Philippines has introduced its new state-of-the-art electrical substation with a formal, on-campus inauguration ceremony. The fully automated substation provides remote access to protection, power monitoring, and control functions through an ION® enterprise energy management system provided by Power Measurement of Victoria, Canada. According to Oliver Gagarin, head electrical engineer at UST, the ability to remotely monitor and operate the new substation is expected to greatly increase the reliability of the campus power supply by ensuring a fast response to potentially damaging or disruptive power conditions.

"The time was right to build this substation," said Gagarin. "UST's electrical load has increased dramatically in recent years, and continues to grow in relation to the university's steady expansion of campus utilities and related infrastructures." John Ludlum, general manager for Power Measurement, Asia Pacific, noted how effectively the university's new system uses the combined capabilities of its ION energy management software and meters. "From basic metering to advanced remote breaker operation, this new substation is truly an amazing example of modern technological innovation," said Ludlum.

At almost 400 years old, the University of Santo Tomas is the oldest existing university in Asia, and the largest Catholic university in the world located on a single campus. The construction of the university's new substation was commissioned to System Energizer C Corporation, ABB NC, and Ion Concepts Incorporated.

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