Thermo KeyTek, a division of Thermo Electron, has introduced a line of high quality, precision power analyzers to meet industry demands for accurate, real-time measurements of power, even with the most complex waveforms. This LMG Series of analyzers not only provides accurate power and waveform information, but also includes the capability of performing compliant Harmonic & Flicker measurements to the latest international standards.

Color graphics LCD displays and the ability to view simultaneous, real-time information on up to four independent channels puts the LMG Series well ahead of the competition. With measurement accuracies to +/-0.01% and bandwidths from DC to 1MHz, the LMG Series provides the user with the most comprehensive power analysis units on the market today. User friendly, intuitive menus with both soft and hard key access make operation of the units clear and simple. The LMG Series meets the measurement needs of a large number of industries, including lighting, transformers, motors, and power supplies. Utilities, universities and manufacturers of virtually all electronic products will benefit from an instrument capable of a wide range of measurement capabilities, from simple power related measurements to waveform analysis and accurate, real-time harmonic and flicker measurements.

Thermo KeyTek is the world’s leading manufacturer of simulators to test products for compliance to national and international standards, and of automated test systems used by semiconductor manufacturers to test chips for susceptibility to electrostatic discharge (ESD) and latch-up phenomena. In business for more than 25 years, Thermo KeyTek’s achievements include the development of the first bench-top lightning testers for the telecom industry, the first battery powered ESD simulators, and the first computer controlled ESD testers for the semiconductor industry. Today, Thermo KeyTek simulators are used by the leading manufacturers of computers and associated peripherals, telecommunications products, industrial controls, medical electronics and semiconductors to insure that their products meet and exceed international compliance requirements.

Thermo Electron is a global leader in providing technology-based instruments, components, and systems that offer total solutions for markets ranging from life sciences to telecommunications to food and beverage production. For example, the company's powerful technologies help researchers sift through data to make discoveries that will fight disease or prolong life. They allow manufacturers to fabricate ever-smaller components required to increase the speed and quality of communications. And they automatically monitor and control online production to ensure that critical quality standards are met safely and efficiently. In 2001, Thermo Electron's instrument businesses, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, reported $2.2 billion in revenues and employed approximately 12,000 people worldwide. For more information on Thermo Electron, visit on the Internet.

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