S&C has purchased the Adaptive VAR Compensator product line from Trench Limited of Canada. This addition, to be marketed as the PureWave AVC™ Adaptive VAR Compensator, further enhances S&C's leadership position in power quality solutions.

The PureWave AVC is a distribution-class static VAR compensator that utilizes power-electronic switching to provide variable amounts of reactive compensation on a cycle-by-cycle basis. The PureWave AVC continuously monitors load conditions and matches its output to the requirement of the load, providing real-time VAR compensation. Typical applications for this device include voltage-support, voltage-flicker, and power-factor correction for dynamically varying industrial loads, such as welding operations and large motor drives.

The PureWave AVC Adaptive VAR Compensator is the newest member of S&C's PureWave® family of power-electronic switching systems, which includes the PureWave® Source-Transfer System, PureWave UPS™ System, PureWave DVR™ Dynamic Voltage Restorer, and PureWave DSTATCOM® Distribution Static Compensator.

Trench pioneered the AVC technology in 1990 in cooperation with the University of Washington, and has since placed over 65 units into service. With the diverse number of power quality issues facing the industry, Trench felt that the AVC would be even more successful as a member of S&C's PureWave family of solutions. S&C will support the entire base of existing AVC installations.