Looking for a way to measure and control energy costs, and minimize unplanned downtime? Square D, the leader in power management technology, has the answer with the new POWERLOGIC® Series 3000 Circuit Monitor (CM3000. Designed for industrial, commercial and OEM users, the new CM3000 is the ideal monitoring device for electrical mains, branch feeders, as well as OEM applications, such as computer power. It collects, analyzes, and provides energy information that can help you measure and control energy costs and minimize unplanned downtime.

The CM3000 features the same technology as the most powerful permanently mounted circuit monitor available, the POWERLOGIC CM4000. With the most processing power in this class of circuit monitors, the CM3000 gives you the information necessary to make proactive business and engineering decisions. With more standard memory than competitive circuit monitors, the CM3000 gives you the ability to drill down to the detail necessary to facilitate troubleshooting, identify trends, and maintain the control you need over your electrical system.

Features and Benefits

* Unparalleled Data Processing Power & Memory — In its price class, the CM3000 far exceeds our closest competitor with eight times more standard memory! With an advanced processor, the CM3000 processes more information faster, records more information in data logs (including waveforms), and performs multiple functions simultaneously.

* Eliminates Blind Spots in Data Collection — The CM3000 samples continuously at 128 times per cycle, leaving no blind spots in data collection. With more processing power than other circuit monitors in its class, the CM3000 provides accurate collection of real-time data and, consequently, the most reliable information on which to base power management decisions.

* Exclusive Built-In Forecasting — In addition to providing historical data through trending analysis, the CM3000 circuit monitor also provides exclusive forecasting information of electrical parameters, which allows the customers to look into the future and make better decisions about impending usage.

* Faster and Less Expensive to Install—The CM3000 can connect directly with up to 600V metering inputs as opposed to traditional 120V. (Eliminates the need for potential transformers [PTs], up to 600 V, to step line voltage down to metering levels and eliminates the extra wiring associated with PTs.)

* Most User Friendly Web-Enabled Circuit Monitor — Using an Ethernet Communication Card (ECC), the CM3000 features web-enabled technology built right into the circuit monitor itself, making it easy to access information from any PC with a standard Web browser, such as Internet Explorer.

* Small Footprint Saves Space — the POWERLOGIC CM3000 can be mounted virtually anywhere inside the electrical equipment, and doesn’t require a separate metering compartment. Built-in tabs for DIN rail mounting are especially useful for OEM and retrofit applications because they make the CM3000 easier to install.