SYCAMORE, IL ­ IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. Test & Measurement Division has introduced the new IDEAL 800 Series Power Clamps designed for evaluating single and three-phase circuits in commercial, utility and industrial applications.

Rugged and dependable, IDEAL 800 Series Power Clamps accurately measure the key parameters required for assuring power quality: true power, apparent power, reactive power and power factor. Another factor contributing to the effectiveness of the clamps is their ability to measure both single-phase and three-phase circuits.

Two models make up the 800 Series: the 61-800 and 61-802 Power Clamps. Both offer True RMS, 200A AC/DC current capability, power measurements, data hold, and a LCD display with large, easy to read numbers. In addition, each features hooded and fully insulated jaws, plus an ergonomic design that allows for easy operation in either hand.

In addition to those standard features, the IDEAL 61-800 Clamp Meter has temperature measurement capabilities; an analog output (current ranges); relative mode; Min/Max; and analog bar graph. The IDEAL 61-802 Clamp Meter has kVA (apparent power); kVAR (reactive power); power factor; frequency; 3-phase/3-wire and 3-phase/4-wire measurements; dual display and memory recall.

"With the introduction of the 800 Series, IDEAL is now offering the industry¹s most complete line of testing products to tackle today's power quality programs," said Jim Gregoric, Group Manager of the company¹s Test & Measurement Division. ³The 800 Series Clamp Meters take direct power measurements at the supply, distribution and load, our SureTest® Circuit/Harmonics Analyzer looks at common power and harmonics problems in a distribution system, while our new Power Analyzer will measure power, harmonics and disturbances at all three levels of a power system. When it comes to testing power quality, IDEAL has all the answers.²