Static UPS

The Symmetra MW static uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system offers up to 1.6MW of power in a scalable, modular design. The modular design allows power-capacity expansion in 200kW increments. The Symmetra MW also features distributed inverter technology for internal N+1 redundancy and fault containment, power-factor-corrected input, and a battery management technology that monitors individual cells and characteristics and injects current into under-performing batteries.
American Power Conversion West Kingston, R.I.
Circle 200

Line Reactors

The SLR series of DIN-rail-mounted line reactors protects sensitive equipment from supply-line irregularities, including harmonic distortion, nuisance tripping, and line notching. The reactors provide protection for high-frequency drives or other 3-phase electronic systems plagued by capacitor or large load switching. An inductive filter removes harmonics, which eliminates drive cross talk and interference and keeps line voltages smooth through notching. Units are available in 2 hp to 20 hp voltages.
Sola/Hevi-Duty Skokie, Ill.
Circle 201

Battery Tester

The SecurePower 6/12 battery conductance tester performs small battery screening for backup power systems that protect security and/or fire alarms, emergency lighting, and portable UPS applications. The tester measures a battery's voltage and conductance to help technicians identify batteries that need replacing before the next power outage.
Midtronics Inc.
Willowbrook, Ill.

Circle 202

Integrated Facility System

The wall-mounted Integrated Facility System (IFS) is an electrical distribution system for commercial facilities. The compact IFS is rated at 480VAC maximum and has a 100A or 225A main circuit breaker. It features microprocessor-based power switching, a variety of control devices, and top or bottom entry for load wiring. The devices, which are prewired, preprogrammed, and tested according to customer specifications, arrive at the site ready to install.
EATON/Cutler-Hammer Pittsburgh, Pa.
Circle 203

Digital Master Control

The Power-Command Digital Master Control is designed to provide increased functionality and reliability in backup power systems with paralleled generator sets and switchgear. The master control features a touchscreen, a PC-based platform, and built-in redundancy. The graphic display features 21 generator parameters in digital or analog format. Graphic and audible signals indicate trips, alarms, shutdowns, and changing system dynamics.
Cummins Power Generation Minneapolis, Minn.
Circle 204

VAR Compensator

The PureWave AVC (adaptive VAR compensator) uses power-electronic switching to provide variable amounts of reactive compensation on a cycle-by-cycle basis. It continuously monitors load conditions and matches its output to the load's requirement, providing real-time VAR compensation. Typical applications include voltage support, voltage flicker, and power factor correction for dynamically varying industrial loads.
S&C Electric Co.
Chicago, Ill.

Circle 205

Power Quality Toolkit

The PQToolkit presents qualitative and quantitative multiphase parameters, including voltage, current, VAs, VARs, power factor, and watts. It also measures harmonics, THD, sags, and swells and produces CBEMA curves. Data and analysis information integrates into database applications for report generation and Internet connectivity.
L-3 Communications Analytics Corp.
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Circle 206

Cooling System

The Transcool is a compact and portable auxiliary transformer cooling system designed to help maximize the operation of power transformers. The self-contained system includes manual and automatic controls for integration into any substation operating system. It also features multiple operating modes, system analysis capabilities, real-time heat removal calculation, and more.
GE Power Systems Atlanta, Ga.
Circle 207