Raleigh, NC (June 4, 2002) – Invensys Powerware, will introduce two, advanced versions of ConnectUPSä SNMP/Web cards in Booth #22546 at Supercomm in Atlanta, Georgia on June 4-6, 2002. The new ConnectUPS-X and ConnectUPS-BD cards provide powerful features for remote monitoring and control of Powerwareâ Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSs).

Based on the proven technology of the existing ConnectUPS-X and ConnectUPS-BD SNMP/Web 10Mb cards, the new models provide compatibility with both 100 Mb and 10Mb networks. Now network managers have the flexibility to monitor critical power conditions over both network technologies.

The new ConnectUPS-X model also acts as a hub with its three additional built-in network connections. With the ConnectUPS-X there is no need to purchase and install a hub near the UPS. Other devices can be simply plugged into the card.

For shutdown of computers powered by the UPS, both models continue to come complete with NetWatch client software. NetWatch is loaded on the target computers and in the event of an extended power outage, the ConnectUPS sends the software a message that starts a graceful shutdown of the operating system. This preserves and protects valuable data. With this new release, up to 255 powered computers may be shutdown in the manner. NetWatch supports many popular Windowsâ, Novellâ and UNIX operating systems.

The new models also come with an easy-to-use firmware upgrade utility. Whenever an upgrade is made available through the Powerware website, a system manager simply downloads it and uses the utility software to properly install it on ConnectUPS cards on the network. The software auto-discovers and upgrades the cards saving effort and time.

The ConnectUPS-X and ConnectUPS-BD cards have all the features of the previous models including full Web compatibility via standard browsers, PDA or cell phone. Power conditions can be monitored anytime/anywhere. The cards also support monitoring and notification of alarm conditions via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). In addition, a system manager may choose to communicate with the card via Telnet.

The ConnectUPS SNMP/Web cards come equipped with powerful control features. For example, the system manager may initiate a shutdown/reboot of a UPS. This may be useful to restart a hung, remote device that is located hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Battery tests may also be initiated remotely. For UPSs with load segment (outlet) control, individual outlets may turned on and off through the ConnectUPS. This can be extremely useful in turning off non-critical equipment to conserve battery power (for more important devices).

The ConnectUPS-X supports all Powerware UPS products equipped with an X-slot communications slot such as the Powerware 5125, the Powerware 9125, the Powerware 9330, and the Powerware 9340 (available in Europe.) The ConnectUPS-BD adapter is designed to work specifically with the Powerware 9120 and Powerware 9170+. Many UPSs are supported through the Powerware Expansion Chassis. The chassis effectively adds X-slots to UPSs.

The cards have a U.S. list price of $299. The price includes the NetWatch client software and the upgrade utility. Both models are available for immediate shipment.

For more information on Invensys Powerware products and services including the Powerware ConnectUPS-X and ConnectUPS-BD cards, visit our website at www.powerware.com