Raleigh, NC (June 5, 2002) – Invensys Powerware is now shipping the LectroÒ Integrated Add-on Battery Enclosure for increased backup time for existing high bandwidth networks. Lectro now offers the ability to double the backup time of an existing power supply installation in an esthetically pleasing integral enclosure that matches the popular ZTT power supply cabinet. The new cabinet will be featured in Booth #2060 at SCTE.

Designed with features that reduce deployment time, cut installation costs and provide ease of maintenance, the new enclosure enables direct attachment to the existing ZTT pole mount bracket, thereby eliminating the need for drilling. Interconnect cables are provided and the extra battery capacity can be installed without interrupting service from the existing power supply.

Lectro Broadband Powering Systems ensure critical cable television network uptime through an integrated approach to both standby and non-standby powering solutions. Primary markets served include MSOs (Multiple System Operators), cable system contractors, cable system distributors and other communication service providers.

The new Integrated Add-on Battery Enclosure is currently available at a US List price of $249. For more information on Invensys Powerware Lectro products including the Integrated Add-on Battery Enclosure, visit us on the web at www.lectro.com