S&C is pleased to present a new generation of 15-kV Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear (UDS). This latest innovation in the Vista design offers the same benefits of the original design, and then some.

The new design of Manual Vista UDS is available for 15-kV models rated 12.5-kA short circuit, in pad-mounted, vault-mounted, and UnderCover™ styles. The new gear features a tank that is only 24 inches tall — a full 9 inches shorter than existing Vista UDS. And while the new gear was designed to match the footprint of previous-generation Vista, the tank itself is not quite as deep, providing extra space for cable terminations. With the smaller tank, the enclosure for pad-mounted styles is also reduced, resulting in an even more aesthetically pleasing installation.

The next-generation Vista UDS provides an even more obvious open gap and ground position. Closed, open, and grounded positions are more easily discernable through the standard large viewing windows. Plus, the simplified fault-interrupter design uses a three-position switch with arc-spinning contacts for all interrupting duties, for an extremely straightforward operating sequence.

These new designs are combined with the usual array of unique Vista features such as integrated potential indication and low-voltage phasing features. Virtually all routine operating tasks can be performed without any exposure to medium-voltage cables, and without special cable accessories such as grounding elbows.