Green Hills Software announced today that Trillium Digital Systems, a division of Intel Corporation, has certified the integration of Green Hills' INTEGRITY™ version 4.0 real-time operating system with Trillium's communications protocols. Certified as Trillium Compliant™, Green Hills Software is allowed to distribute a Trillium Advanced Portability Architecture (TAPA®) interface for the INTEGRITY RTOS that enables users to seamlessly deploy Trillium's wide range of TAPA-based communications software.

"The Trillium Compliant certification program helps us give Green Hills Software an advantage in offering products that can easily adopt best-in-class software solutions without significant design changes," said Frank Morese, vice president of marketing for Trillium Digital Systems, a division of Intel Corporation. "Trillium's business relationship with Green Hills Software is further strengthened by this certification, and we look forward to working even more closely together to provide customers a platform for addressing demanding, mission-critical telecom applications."

"INTEGRITY's memory-protected, fault-tolerant architecture makes it ideal for hosting high-end telecom applications that demand high availability," commented John Carbone, Green Hills' vice president of marketing. "The availability of Trillium's industry-leading communications protocols for INTEGRITY greatly enhances our telecom offering, and provides a versatile platform for quickly deploying robust, ultra-dependable, high-end telecom applications."

INTEGRITY is a maximum-availability, fault-tolerant RTOS designed for mission-critical applications requiring memory protection and secure operation. Optimized for fast, secure, deterministic response, INTEGRITY features advanced memory protection capabilities, dynamic download, task- and system-level debug, optional POSIX support, and extensive embedded Internet and telephony protocol support.

INTEGRITY is fully integrated with Green Hills' award winning MULTI® 2000 development environment, which combines a family of optimizing C/C++/EC++ and Ada95 compilers with an advanced source-level debugger, version control system, source editor, browser, profiler, run-time error checker, simulator, and real-time EventAnalyzer™. Green Hills also offers a high-speed debug Probe (Green Hills ProbeTM ) that makes it easy for MULTI users to upload data from INTEGRITY target systems, run, halt, and reset the target processor, read/write the processor's registers and memory, single-step through code, and set breakpoints.

TAPA is a set of architectural and coding standards that enhance the portability of Trillium's communications software across multiple operating systems, processors and compilers. INTEGRITY, now fully compliant with TAPA, enables embedded applications that it hosts to access Trillium's protocols on the target system. The Trillium Compliant program certifies the accuracy and completeness of the integration.

Trillium and a chosen alliance member like Green Hills jointly test and verify the integration, offering equipment manufacturers a fully integrated, validated solution. The results are proven interoperability, time to market savings and risk reduction through a Trillium Compliant solution.

INTEGRITY users can seamlessly adopt Trillium's wide array of communications software solutions used by industry-leading suppliers of wireless, Internet, broadband and telephony products. Trillium's high-performance, high-availability software and services reduce the time, risk and cost of implementing SS7, ATM, Broadband ISDN, Frame Relay, MPLS, VoIP (H.323, SIP and MGCP/MEGACO/H.248), SIGTRAN, 3G Wireless, ISDN and other communications applications.

About Trillium

Trillium Digital Systems, a division of Intel Corporation, is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and is a leading provider of communications software solutions for the converged network infrastructure. Trillium's source code solutions are used in more than 500 projects by industry-leading suppliers of wireless, Internet, broadband and telephony products. Trillium's high-performance, high-availability software and services help reduce time, risk and cost of implementing SS7, IP, ATM, Wireless and other standards-based communications protocols. Trillium is an ISO 9001-certified software company, and has earned the assessment of SEI CMM® Level 2 for its worldwide software product development from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). Additional information is available at

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Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software Inc. is the technology leader for real-time operating systems and software development tools for 32- and 64-bit embedded systems. Green Hills Software's royalty-free INTEGRITY™ and ThreadX® real-time operating systems, fully integrated with its market leading compilers and MULTI® Integrated Development Environment, provide a total development and run-time solution that addresses both deeply embedded and maximum reliability applications.

Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom. For more information on Green Hills Software products, call 805-965-6044, email or visit us on the web at