Beacon Power Corporation (Nasdaq: BCON), a development-stage company which designs, develops and offers for sale battery-free, flywheel-based power systems to provide highly reliable, cost-competitive, environmentally-friendly, uninterruptible electric power, will today announce its first steps in entering the high power UPS market.

"We will utilize Beacon's proprietary technology to achieve a sustainable advantage in this market," said Bill Capp, President and CEO. "Our technology offers high performance and reliability and is ideally suited to support the higher-power needs of our customers, particularly in critical power quality applications. Our state-of-the-art products will offer a number of advantages, including significantly lower maintenance costs, a smaller footprint freeing valuable space at customer sites, high efficiency and the flexibility to install multiple units to meet a broad range of customer needs."

Capp went on to say, "We are very excited about the opportunities in the high power UPS market. The current utility network provides power to users that is often inadequate; with frequent sags, surges, and outages that are detrimental to critical use facilities and processes. Power industry customers are demanding improved power quality and greater reliability. The awareness of and interest in the availability and benefits of UPS and power quality systems is growing rapidly. We are confident that our proprietary technologies will enable us to provide products that satisfy these needs."

Capp also indicated, "As the leading composite flywheel company, Beacon offers the highest stored energy flywheel in the industry. We are looking forward to setting new benchmarks in the high power UPS segment. We also see a unique opportunity to combine our knowledge of high power and high energy to pursue large scale products to serve the power distribution industry."