The City Council of New York City has passed an ordinance in which it requiresnew parking lots to include provisions for the installation of electric vehicle wiring for 20% of the available spaces. This requires a minimum of a 1 inch conduit to these spaces for a minimum load requirement of 3.1 kW. The space will also have to meet the requirement to place a 3.1 kW cabinet/charging stations in these dedicated spaces, according to a release from NEMA.

The bill, Int. No 1176, sets out the following rules:

  • Every new parking lot or garage in NYC has to install conduit and provide the electrical capacity for future EVSEs for 20% of parking spaces
  • Within two years, up to 2,000 parking spot are expected to be charger-ready
  • Within seven years, up to 5,000 parking spots in NYC will likely be charger-ready
  • End goal calls for 10,000 spots to be charger-ready
  • The building code required the conduit to be installed so that wire can be easily threaded at a later date (Inside EVs)

The ordinance passed last month.