Code Quiz Correction

The answer to the question below, shown in the March 13 issue of CodeWatch, was incorrectly shown as: A) fire alarm systems. In retrospect, I should have added a fifth option, which read as follows: E) none of the above. This would be the correct answer in this case.

All of the items listed in the question require secure support in hollow spaces above suspended ceilings. The fire alarm circuits are already installed exposed on the surface of the ceiling. Therefore, the issue of support for 300.11 is not an issue in this example. Sorry for the error.

Q. The installation of fire alarm circuits (Art. 760), communication circuits (Art. 800), CATV and radio distribution systems (Art. 820), and network powered broadband communication systems (Art. 830) installed in the hollow space above a suspended ceiling does not require secure support independent of the existing wires used to support the ceiling for which of the following?

A) fire alarm systems

B) communication systems

C) community antenna television systems / radio distribution systems

D) network powered broadband communication systems (voice and data)

Answer: A

Explanation: Sections 800.24, 820.24, and 830.24 of the 2005 NEC were revised to add an additional requirement for secure support, per 300.11. However, Section 760.8 was not revised to add the additional requirement for secure support per 300.11. Remember, it’s important to provide proper support and secure all wiring installations.

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