The job of maintaining an industrial or commercial facility includes maintaining emergency egress. If a fire or outage were to occur, would people know what to do? Could they clearly see the exits and easily make their way out?

Don't put emergency exit maintenance on a monthly PM and forget about it at all other times; conduct it constantly. Some tips:

  • Ensure maintenance personnel know to remove any materials impeding emergency egress. After removing the materials, they must report the obstruction incident to their supervisor, who then reports it to the safety director for followup.
  • Fix emergency egress lights that are dirty, broken, or blocked from view.
  • Remove combustibles from the immediate vicinity of the egress path.

Ensure the maintenance department has an organized response to a power outage. While all other personnel should exit and then gather in assembly areas, maintenance personnel need to work on the outage problem. You don't want people standing around waiting for instructions or stumbling around in the dark.