A fire broke out below ground at a dam house in Bartow County, Georgia, in mid-May, when the powerhouse was in the process of being re-energized. The Allatoona Dam House had been undergoing some reconstruction, including new electrical work, according to a report from the Daily Tribune News.The fire was two to three levels underground, the fire chief said, but there was no known threat to the Allatoona Dam structure.

According to the ProPublica website, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers received stimulus funds in April 2010 to replace and upgrade the heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment at the powerhouse. Additional stimulus funds were allocated in May 2010 for asbestos abatement and component replacement at the powerhouse. Funds were also earmarked for the replacement of a gantry crane. In September 2010, $315,280 in stimulus funds were awarded to a manufacturer to install a new static excitation system at the Allatoona Dam Powerhouse.