A fire at a high school in Staten Island, New York, that looked electrical in nature forced an evacuation on May 30. Authorities are investigating the fire, that happened at Tottenville High School that was first called inas smoke coming from an electrical panel at 8:32 a.m. The fire was brought under control at 10:42 a.m., according to an FDNY spokesperson, according to a Silive.com report.

Preliminary information seemed to indicate that it was an internal electrical fire. What is strange, is that just prior to the electrical fire, an underground transformer that feeds the school blew. In order to repair the transformer, Con Edison - a regulated electric utility that provides electric service to New York City - curtailed service to the school, the Silive report said.

A Con Edison spokesperson said that the two events appeared unrelated, but the whole situation was still under investigation. The electric panels have been repaired and students returned to school reopened the following Monday. No injuries were reported.