World Trade Center/Pentagon Update

  • A total of 1,866 federal personnel (808 FEMA, including US&R) are working in response to these incidents. New York

New York

  • City officials report that as of yesterday, 363 bodies have been recovered from the World Trade Center (WTC). The number of injured is 8,786 and 5,219 persons are registered as missing.

  • 13,568 New Yorkers have used FEMA's Teleregistration phone number to register for assistance as of September 30.

  • One FEMA Search and Rescue task force is assigned to duty in New York City. This task force, California-4, is scheduled to depart for their home base on October 6.

  • As of yesterday, 341,602 tons of debris had been removed from the WTC site to a landfill on Staten Island. The official estimate for total debris at the WTC is 1.2 million tons.