In response to the ongoing electrical energy crisis in this country, Waukesha Engine, Waukesha, Wis., recently announced a new lease program for its Enginator engine/generator packages. The program offers users reliable distributed generation with no capital risk and the flexibility to re-lease, purchase, or return the equipment at lease end. Customers can arrange total financing, including shipping, installation, building costs, infrastructure costs, and engineering within the program’s flexible funding methods.

Because Waukesha Enginator engine/generators use clean burning natural gas fuel, they do not require on-site fuel storage. Pre-packaged with a generator and available in sizes up to 2.9MW each, the engines serve as part of a distributed generation on-site power program where users don’t have to rely on the local power grid. Instead, they can provide power for prime or peak-shaving applications and stand-by emergency power.

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