After signing an agreement last week, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), an Arlington, Va.-based trade association serving the communications and information technology industry, and the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL), an agency of the Organization of American States (OAS), announced they will cooperate on a range of joint projects, including publications, seminars, meetings, and training.

TIA and CITEL also plan to join forces on a conference to include participation by the International Telecommunication Union, among other regional telecommunications organizations, as well as the private sector. The goal of the conference is to enhance regional and regulatory initiatives to stimulate commercial and business relationships in telecommunications that will lead to network modernization and infrastructure deployment.

The main areas of cooperation include activities involving CITEL's Permanent Consultative Committee I, on Public Telecommunications Services, as well as Permanent Consultative Committee III, on Radiocommunications.

TIA standardization activities include mobile and fixed communications for land-based and satellite systems, user premises telephone equipment and requirements, fiber optic systems and equipment, and voice and data transmission equipment, interfaces, and systems.