A provider of reliable, onsite electricity generation systems, Sure Power Corp., Danbury, Conn., recently entered into a strategic alliance with Trane, the nation's largest provider of applied commercial and industrial air conditioning systems, equipment, controls, service, and parts.

As a result of this partnership, Trane will provide HVAC systems for Sure Power's patent-pending systems. Together, the companies will enable energy-dependent businesses (including data centers, high-tech manufacturers, and utilities) to install independent, high-reliability, primary-power sources.

According to Sure Power, the power used by equipment in high-tech facilities creates as much as 100W of by-product energy per square-foot. Since this excess heat cannot escape the box, an appropriate cooling system is required to prevent temperatures from reaching heights that can destroy high-tech components and force systems to shut down. By combining the Sure Power and Trane systems, businesses can provide a constant supply of uninterruptible, computer-grade, onsite power with built-in cooling.