Representatives of leading international companies in the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry recently announced the founding of the Global Solar Council, a CEO­‐level industry coalition whose aim is to expand the global deployment of solar energy in a sustainable and cost-‐competitive way. Global Solar Council members will engage with policymakers worldwide to demonstrate the progress toward abundant, affordable, and low-emissions energy already made possible by the solar industry and to emphasize the importance of a supportive policy and trade environment, which will enable the ongoing development of competitively ‐priced solar energy, driving job creation and economic growth.

Through its members, the Global Solar Council brings industry knowledge and insights from all sides of the solar PV value chain — from the supply of materials to product manufacturing and financing; policy, research, and innovation; cross­‐border cooperation; and grid development and management.

The council’s founding members are: Charles Gay, president of Applied Materials; Robert Hansen, CEO of Dow Corning; David Miller, president of DuPont; Michael Ahearn, chairman and interim CEO of First Solar; Vutukuri Saibaba, CEO of Lanco Solar; Andreas Hänel, CEO of Phoenix Solar; and Zhengrong Shi, CEO of Suntech.

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