Rosendin Electric was back again this year with an extended program to support construction management students participating in the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Western Region Student Competition held in Reno, Nev. Rosendin Electric has committed to support the student teams by offering assistance to any school participating in the competition.

Every year, students from construction management schools across the country compete in the regional ASC Student Competitions to win trophies and monetary prizes. Each team of six students must complete a complex problem in various construction categories, including one in the electrical industry. Since the ASC added the electrical question to the Western Regional competition in 2008, Rosendin Electric has offered comprehensive training to students to bring practical experience and expertise to help them solve the problem.

Rosendin Electric is committed to expand and continually offer its support program to any college participating in the electrical problem. The field included 1,300 students from 64 schools throughout Regions 6 and 7, which covers the Rocky Mountains and western United States. This year, Rosendin Electric worked with student teams from seven schools, including Arizona State University, Auburn University, Boise State University, California Polytechnic State University, California State University at Chico, Purdue University, and Sacramento State University.

The problem posed for 2012 was the construction of a multi-level condominium in a high-density location in San Francisco. Rosendin Electric has an office in San Francisco and the company’s experts are familiar with the unique aspects of the city’s zoning and construction, so they were able to assist the ASC competitors using their special knowledge. More than 20 Rosendin Electric employees from engineering, estimating, safety, business development, operations, and human resources volunteered their time to help students prepare for the competition. A number of students received on-site training at Rosendin Electric’s San Jose headquarters and Rosendin Electric experts traveled to school locations to offer on-campus training as well.

“This annual competition continues to raise the bar for both students and contractors,” said Richard Wilder, human resources manager for Rosendin Electric. “We love supporting the ASC because it gives us an opportunity to train students using our best practices, and perhaps meet budding project managers who could be working for Rosendin Electric in the near future. In fact, we hired a winner from last year’s student competition. The entire industry benefits from this collaborative competition.”

This year’s ASC Region 6 and 7 winners in the electrical category were Auburn University with first place, Purdue University taking second place, and California Polytechnic at San Luis Obispo taking third place.