recently added a new feature to its Web site: a free Web-based service to help companies more effectively select professional consulting companies for computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) implementation services. By joining the ProSavvy network to offer maintenance and reliability related project e-procurement, the site combines Internet-based tools that automate the selection process with detailed capabilities profiles and uncensored data on consulting firms.

"The ProSavvy suite of Internet-based project management tools offers a simple step-by-step process to specify projects, evaluate consultant performance data from previous projects, compare proposals, and hire the best service firm available," says Terrence O'Hanlon, president of "We selected the ProSavvy network because it is aligned with our tradition of delivering value and benefit to the end user in the plant maintenance market."

The online Web-based system also offers advantages to CMMS and maintenance consulting firms by providing access to a wide range of small, medium, and large clients that might otherwise be difficult to locate. Consulting firms can also take advantage of specialized web-based project management tools offered on the ProSavvy system.

Although the service is free to hiring companies, it does require you to complete a simple registration and three-step e-procurement process: (1) Specify your project needs and receive responses from qualified firms in as little as 24 hr; (2) Review detailed responses, evaluate performance data, and access standardized marketing materials; and (3) Schedule interviews, manage proposals, competitively select, and hire the best firm.

To post your project, go to create a free ProSavvy membership, specify your project needs, and take advantage of the service.