In recognition of its efforts in promoting energy conservation and efficiency measure, Royal Philips Electronics’ U.S.-based lighting company recently received the State of California’s 2002 Flex Your Power energy conservation award. The award, which is part of the state’s campaign to address its much talked about energy crisis, recognizes the Somerset, N.J.-based company’s project to re-lamp an entire city block in Berkeley, Calif., with energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps and linear fluorescents to create an “energy blueprint” that has documented a considerable reduction in energy usage and cost.

In addition to the Berkeley project, the company also participated in tie-in programs with the state’s utilities and worked with partner Home Depot to conduct a business-to-business education program.

“We’re extremely honored to be recognized for our efforts and look forward to helping make visible the issue of energy conservation,” said Steve Goldmacher, Philips Lighting’s director of corporate communications, of the award.

The Flex Your Power campaign encourages residents and other organizations to be energy-conscious and take action wherever possible. The energy conservation award is given out once a year to organizations that provide leadership in implementing conservation measures.