In an effort to recognize contractors in New Jersey who demonstrate successful and well-thought-out safety and health programs, OSHA will enter into the Construction Industry Safety Partnership Program with the Building Contractors Association of New Jersey (BCANJ) on Friday.

Contractors that meet the qualifications for the program, including three years without a willful or repeat OSHA violation or fatal accidents, are eligible for the incentive program, which includes a voluntary evaluation by OSHA to assess general safety procedures and related statistical data.

OSHA and the BCANJ hope to achieve several things through the partnership, including the formal training of at least 10% of all workers each year for the next ten years and the reduction of workplace accidents and fatalities by 5% each year.

“Serious injuries and deaths from falls while working in construction significantly contribute to the nation’s workplace statistics,” says Patricia Clark, OSHA regional administrator. “The use of partnerships as an effective tool to broaden OSHA’s impact by allowing us to devote more attention to other employers who are not as safety-conscious has become an important part of our long-term strategy.”

More than 180 companies employing more than 10,000 construction workers belong to the BCANJ.