New Energy Technologies, Washington, D.C., a next-generation alternative and renewable energy developer, recently unveiled the company’s prototype energy-harvesting device, MotionPower, a modular, mechanical system engineered to exploit the energy wasted by moving cars and light vehicles in order to generate electricity. Engineers anticipate that MotionPower devices may be used to augment or replace conventional electricity supplies for powering roadway signs, street and building lights, storage systems for back-up and emergency power, and other electronics, appliances, and devices in homes and businesses.

Having successfully engineered and built the Company’s first prototype, New Energy engineers are now actively working to further optimize the efficiency of the MotionPower device in preparation for installations at high-traffic locations such as toll booths, traffic intersections, rest areas, travel plazas, restaurant and bank drive-thrus, border crossings, and neighborhoods with traffic calming zones.