NEMA recently released revisions to several of its industry standards, among them MG 1-1998, Motors and Generators, and the ANSI Z535 series of hazard warning design and application standards.

The revision to MG 1-1998 is the third and final such change before a new version is due in 2003. The updates include a complete revision of Part 5, “Classification of Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures for Rotating Machines, which brings the standard into alignment with the IEC 60034-5 standard.

The ANSI Z535 series underwent more extensive changes. The standards specify the size, color, and shape of symbols used to warn against different hazards. Chief among the changes is a stipulation that symbols may be used to clarify, supplement, or substitute for a portion or all of a word message found in the message panel. In the past, such symbols couldn’t substitute for an entire word.

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