The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Bethesda, Md., recently launched, a new Web site dedicated exclusively to the organization’s Integrated Building Systems (IBS-16) proposal for updating Construction Specification Institute’s (CSI) MasterFormat specification system. NECA is proposing to consolidate all of the electrical power, communications, and control systems (currently scattered throughout various parts of MasterFormat) into an expanded update of Division 16.

This site outlines NECA's position on the Division 16-17 debate and enables visitors to view the IBS-16 proposal in its entirety. There’s also a link to the IBS-16 Library, a compilation of educational materials and resources from the technical and building industry press. Here, you can learn about the evolution of the IBS-16 initiative and why NECA finds it so important. You can also voice your opinion via the "Express Yourself" feature, which enables you to send an e-mail directly to representatives at CSI.