LaCrosse, Wis.-based Michaels Energy is pleased to announce the addition of a new senior team member, Brian F. A'Hearn, P.E.

A'Hearn has over 30 years experience, including designing mechanical and plumbing systems, writing control sequences, estimating, and managing construction projects. In 1980, A'Hearn joined Engineering Associates in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he developed his design experience. After becoming a registered Iowa professional engineer in 1984, he joined A'Hearn Plumbing and Heating Inc., a family-owned mechanical construction firm founded by his father in 1968. He became president and owner of A'Hearn Plumbing and Heating in 1988, and served in that capacity for 21 years. When the Waldinger Corp., a $300 million construction/services company, acquired the Mechancal Services Division of A'Hearn in 2009, he became Waldinger's Cedar Rapids branch manager.

A'Hearn's business standards and practices align well with the Michaels Energy mission and corporate culture. He genuinely believes there is vast opportunity for energy efficiency and making buildings work right. His passion and determination to expand his expertise into energy efficiency will be of great value to Michaels Energy as it continues to grow and expand in coming years.

A'Hearn will be located in the company's Cedar Rapids, Iowa, office.