Michigan-based Load Logic, Inc. recently developed a microprocessor-based energy control unit that reduces the voltage and current profile in many 3-phase motors to a minimum. Based on NASA technology, this product is especially effective on motors that run continuously and have intermittent loads, including air conditioning systems, injection molding equipment, stamping or punch presses, escalators, air compressors, and refrigeration systems.

How does it work? By sensing when a motors is not operating at full load, the unit automatically reduces the energy to the specific amount required by the motor at that time. When the load increases, the voltage is instantly increased to adjust to the motor’s energy requirement.

“This is a truly unique technology that we believe has unlimited potential. We’ve measured kilowatt-hour savings that range from 5% to more than 10%,” says Tom Anton, president of Load Logic. “This could mean significant’ savings in energy costs over time with the product literally paying for itself in a very short period of time.”