With a stated mission to “provide direct-to-the professional/industry lighting education programs on a national basis,” former Penn St. professor Dr. Craig A. Bernecker recently founded the Lighting Education Institute (LEI) in Philadelphia. The institution is intended for design professionals, manufacturers, and building owners.

LEI’s programs will include both courses for individuals and tailored programs for companies available in a variety of delivery modes including workshops and seminars at company locations, interactive video conferencing, geographically based seminars and Internet learning activities. The courses will cover topics like emergency lighting, lighting field measurements, and lighting maintenance.

Most of the courses will last one day and focus on one topic, and students will be awarded CEUs and certificates for successful completion.

Bernecker says he’s excited about the creation of LEI. “We are committed to filling the significant gap that exists in the lighting industry between academic programs and on-the-job training, addressing both fundamental and cutting-edge lighting topics,” he says.

For more information, email LEI at gbernecker@lightingeducation.com.