The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) recently released two new standards and approved the revision of two existing standards.

The first new standard, IEEE 1222 “Standard for All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Fiber Optic Cable,” addresses the needs of cable on overhead or in underground facilities. The other, IEEE 1590 “Recommended Practice for the Electrical Protection of Optical Fiber Communication Facilities Serving, or Connected to, Electrical Supply Locations,” provides for the protection of such lines used in communications at power generation facilities.

One of the revised standards, IEEE 635 “Guide for Selection and Design of Aluminum Sheaths for Power Cable,” was updated to match current requirements and to make the text more readable. The guide is intended to help cable users and engineers understand the benefits and deficiencies of aluminum sheaths for power cables.

The other revised standard, IEEE 383 “Standard for Qualifying Class 1E Electric Cables and Field Splices for Nuclear Power Generating Stations,” incorporates updated information, methods and experience concerning cables and splices for power, control, instrumentation, signal, and communication functions.