Previously an option only for large corporations, vehicle leasing and management programs from Carsforwork are now available to members of the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC). The Northbrook, Ill.-based company recently partnered with IEC to extend a 20% discount on products and services to small to mid-sized member contractors.

Carsforwork offers an open-end lease program—considered an operating lease by the IRS—that allows businesses to write off monthly payments as business expenses. The lease program can be terminated any time after the first 12 months without wear-and-tear fees or excess mileage fees.

“Most fortune 1000 company vehicle leases are open-end leases,” says Gary Rappeport, founder and CEO of Carsforwork. “IEC members represent an important segment of the small business fleet market that can benefit from these tools and in turn become more competitive.”

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