Branch Offices. Halliburton has offices in 40 states and employs 85,000 people in more than 100 countries.

Roots. Erle Halliburton founded his company in 1919 in Oklahoma. In 1962, Halliburton acquired Brown and Root, an engineering and construction company. The company now has two operating divisions: the energy services group and the engineering and construction group.

Areas of Expertise. The energy services group offers products and services to upstream oil and gas customers worldwide. KBR, the engineering and construction group, designs and builds liquefied natural gas plants, refining and processing plants, and production facilities and pipelines, both onshore and offshore.

Key Markets. KBR: Oil and gas, government operations, infrastructure, power, petroleum refining, and petrochemicals and polymers. Energy services group: drilling, well completion and maintenance, and pipeline and process services.