Greenlee Textron recently announced it is donating more than 800 tools to aid New York Fire Department workers in their debris-clearing effort at the site of the Sept. 11 World Trade Center tragedy. The Rockford, Ill.-based manufacturer is sending fiberglass fish tape, voltage detectors, infrared temperature guns, heavy-duty cable cutters, and demolition reciprocating blades to help ensure worker safety when removing debris.

“In addition to sending manual- and battery-operated cable cutters and demo blades to clear debris, we’re sending non-conductive tools to enhance the safety of workers as they prepare debris to be removed from the site,” said John Green, director of marketing. “The non-conductive tools will also help to detect and avoid hidden electrical hazards and to prevent accidents.”

How will the products help recovery efforts? Greenlee fiberglass fish tapes will aid in the nonconductive probing of pockets of debris. Noncontact voltage detectors will assist workers with the identification of energized power lines and rebar. Infrared temperature guns will identify potential unseen fires and arcing by providing a safe non-contact temperature measurement, and three different types of cable cutters, including a heavy-duty cutter, ratchet cable cutter, and ratchet ACSR, will help recovery workers cut and clear debris.

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