JobTime 2005

JobTime 2005 is a wireless time tracking system that automates time collection, tracking, and reporting functions. The software works on Palm OS and Pocket PC devices as well as laptops and Tablet PCs. Users can enter employee time, equipment time, and daily log events as they happen. It also synchronizes cost codes, employees, equipment, jobs, etc., from the office to the job site as well as captures employee signatures for time card approval.
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Project Clock, Version 8

Version 8 of this project time tracking and time billing software now offers Microsoft Project export features. There is also a feature to monitor external applications and punch in on program start and out on program close. Project Clock Web administrators can now change configuration options and manage data right from the browser. Both the client/server and Web versions of the software allow multiple users to access project time data over the company intranet or the Internet. Palm OS and Windows CE versions are also available.
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Delivering a completely Web-based employee time and attendance solution, Workforce Software offers multiple data collection operations, scheduling, accrual management, FMLA tracking, employee self-service, and project tracking features. Industry-specific versions are available to ensure an organization's unique requirements are met. Designed to help companies meet labor tracking needs without hiring a custom programmer, the software automates complex policies, reduces the paper trail, collects critical time and labor information for payroll, and enhances employee productivity.
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The JobClock

Referred to as the contractor's timeclock, The JobClock System is a full-featured timekeeping system. The newly redesigned JobClock stores up to 10,000 records, allows contractors to collect current or past employee attendance in seconds, and functions in the harshest of conditions. Using durable green and red keytabs, workers clock in and out each day. Prior to payroll, a supervisor collects attendance records. Easy-to-read, 100% accurate reports summarize the hours for each employee, jobsite, and activity.
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