Solon, Ohio-based Energy Focus, Inc. announced that it was recently awarded four additional lighting retrofit contracts totaling $4.1 million. Included in this new $4.1 million of work is over $2 million to upgrade the lighting in a large south-eastern university and over $1 million to upgrade the lighting at a military base. The remaining contracts are to upgrade lighting at a community college and in an elementary school district. Energy Focus has completed the audit of the facilities, inventoried their lighting systems, created an approved energy savings design, and will now procure the materials and oversee the lighting installations.

"As I discussed during our recent third quarter call, I'm delighted that we have already received several new contracts totaling $5.6 million for our fourth quarter," says Joseph Kaveski, CEO, Energy Focus, Inc. "We announced $1.5 million last month, and we're now adding another $4.1 million, which we've received this month. This will bring our contracts through the end of the year on the solutions side to at least $27.4 million. These new contracts, while contributing sales in 2010 will also help to create a significant backlog for work in 2011."