EMCOR Group, Inc. recently announced that on August 1 it received a Chairman’s Safety Award from CNA, one of the nation’s leading commercial insurance providers. This prestigious Award recognizes continuing excellence in risk reduction, injury avoidance, and waste reduction through innovation, dedication, and ongoing improvement. This is the second time EMCOR as been awarded this prestigious honor: the firm was the first recipient of CNA Chairman’s Safety Innovation Award in 2009.

Serving businesses and professionals since 1897, CNA is the country’s seventh largest commercial insurance writer and the 13th largest property and casualty company. Since 2004, CNA has worked with EMCOR to help improve EMCOR's risk exposure. EMCOR's special recognition from CNA is the result of EMCOR demonstrating exemplary commitment to injury reduction by decreasing exposure to risk, distinguishing itself in the construction industry by a number of measures and programs.

Separately, a safety event at EMCOR’s Customer Solution Center in Phoenix, Ariz., on July 31 recognized its operating subsidiaries achieving zero recordable accidents in 2011, and those earning EMCOR Safety & Productivity Partner (SPP), an important EMCOR designation and program for its subsidiaries demonstrating the highest level of safety achievement. SPP subsidiaries: Dynalectric Colo., Mesa Energy Systems, Trautman & Shreve, University Mechanical Ariz., University Mechanical San Diego. Subsidiaries with zero recordable accidents in 2011: EMCOR Services Betlem, Dynalectric Fla., Dynalectric Nev., Dynalectric Ore., Dynalectric San Diego, University Mechanical Ariz.

"We’re honored CNA recognizes EMCOR as a leader in safety, a strategic imperative for EMCOR and a cornerstone of our Corporate culture. It was also a pleasure to single out EMCOR’s subsidiaries that are most effectively rising to that challenge," stated Tony Guzzi, president and CEO, EMCOR Group, Inc. "Zero accidents will continue to be our objective, reflected in the actions of our dedicated management across the organization, augmented by innovative programs that focus on increased productivity and risk reduction."

"CNA is proud to recognize and salute EMCOR for its ongoing commitment to safety and its track record of continued improvement in reducing accidents," said Bob Lindemann, President and Chief Operating Officer, CNA Commercial. "Safety is paramount to employee well-being, productivity and business continuity. EMCOR's record of excellenceis a clear reflection of its focus on continuous improvement in risk control.”