, the magazine that brought you ElectricalZone, has expanded its coverage of the electrical industry and narrowed its focus at the same time. CodeWatch marks the magazine’s latest foray into the e-newsletter arena, this time zeroing in on the electrical industry standard that EC&M’s readers depend upon the most. CodeWatch will follow the formula that made ElectricalZone an award winning e-newsletter and one of the best in the industry. Bolstered by material from two of the most well-respected Code experts in the business, the e-newsletter will succinctly yet thoroughly address the topics that frustrate and confuse electrical workers the most. From new departments that will cover Code change proposals to old favorites like What’s Wrong Here?, CodeWatch will offer something for everyone.

This second e-newsletter from EC&M will:

  • Let you know what could be changing in the Code

  • Help you brush up on your ability to apply the Code

  • Test your knowledge of the Code with a Q&A format

  • Introduce you to the people who write the rules

  • Provide information on upcoming Code seminars and shows

  • Give you an opportunity to sound off on Code-related issues

Here are the featured sections:

Change Proposals
Anyone can propose a change to the Code – in fact thousands of proposals are submitted each cycle – but only a select few are ever ratified. We’ll alert you to the proposed changes that are most likely to become a reality and that will affect your work the most.

Applications Corner
You can talk about the Code all you want, but unless you can actually follow its requirements, you’re only paying it lip service. Departments like Code Calculations and Code Basics will each take on a topic and explore opposite sides. The former will offer examples of necessary calculations for correctly specifying equipment installation while the latter will highlight the Code references that every installer needs to know.

Code Challenge
The two most beloved features of ElectricalZone - What’s Wrong Here? and Code Q&A – will become the foundation of CodeWatch, bringing with them the expertise of Joe Tedesco and Mike Holt, both well-recognized names in the electrical industry. Both will maintain their original formats.

Faces of the Code
The NEC can be an intimidating standard for electrical workers, but it’s written by members of the electrical industry who work alongside many of the same people who use it on a regular basis. In each issue readers will meet two of the myriad people who had a hand in writing the rules that govern their work.

Shows & Events
The best way to keep up-to-date on the Code is to take advantage of the seminars and shows held across the country, including those headed by EC&M’s Code experts. Readers can come here to find out where to plan their next fact-finding venture.

Speak Out
The best part about e-newsletters is the potential for interaction with the reader. CodeWatch will pose one question to its subscribers in each issue and publish the responses in the next issue. The format may change from one issue to the next, but the focus will remain on giving readers a chance to voice their opinions.