We are always looking for technically accurate, well-written articles on topics of interest to our readers. EC&M editors must balance many factors in determining how much material will appear for any given article. And an accepted article may take months to appear--for a variety of reasons. In keeping with a series of legislative and judicial decisions that have occurred over the past five years, we do require a copyright contract for the protection of both parties.

These are our readers:

  • Electrical contractors (project managers, estimators, designers, on-staff electrical engineers, field superintendents, and general foremen)

  • Consulting electrical engineers

  • Plant/facility electrical maintenance personnel

  • Electrical inspectors

  • Equipment-repair personnel (testing and apparatus maintenance companies).

This is what we write about:

  • Lighting and control

  • Motors and controllers

  • Testing and maintenance

  • National Electrical Code

  • Power distribution

  • Safety and training

  • Voice/Data/Video

  • Installation methods

  • Emergency and standby power

  • Security and life safety

  • Power quality

  • Market and construction trends

  • Business and software

We focus on low- (600V and below) and medium-voltage (above 600V to 35kV) systems, equipment, and feeders. Our coverage begins where the utility service ends. Thus, we’re not interested in articles on utility generation or transmission.

Interested in submitting an article?
Here’s what you should do. First, submit a short outline or abstract to the editor. Include your name, title, company, e-mail address, and phone number in the body of the e-mail. After you and the editor agree to proceed, write your article text and e-mail it as an attachment when you are done. Once the editor has your article text in hand, he or she will notify you of the publication target date. We hope to see your byline soon.