Electrical installing dealers across the country are adding product categories to match increasing demand for wireless home networking, thanks in large part to the proliferation of broadband access in residential areas. A new study from Parks Associates also shows high-end lighting and security systems are the other two product categories finding their way into dealers’ inventories in increasing numbers.

In addition to adding categories, dealers are shedding products with poor margins and low customer demand. “No-new-wires” networking, high-end lighting, and security systems are among the most popular categories to be added, according to the survey.

The survey reveals that 83% of installing dealers believe that sales volumes this year will improve significantly over those of 2001.

“The additions correlate with the increasing penetration of personal computers in households, adoption of broadband access, and consumer concerns with security,” explains Bill Ablondi, program director of Parks Associates’ Installing Dealer ePanel. “Dealers are adding products that complement their current line and allow them to capture more of the installation pie.”