After continuing to decline in 2003, the datacom cabling market will bounce back in 2004 to enjoy double-digit growth, according to a new study by FTM Consulting. The Montreal-based market research firm credits the cabling demand created by new broadband applications for the 17% increase it predicts through 2007.

“U.S. Building Fiber & Copper Cabling Systems: 2003” blames market saturation for the declines the datacom cabling business has endured since 2001. That downward progression will begin to level off, though, from a 23.1% decline in 2002 to a forecasted 6.1% drop in 2003.

The rise of Gigabit Ethernet applications in 2004, though, will rejuvenate the market, pushing it to double-digit gains. Horizontal cabling applications like storage area networks, switch-to-switch interconnectivity, and fiber-to-the-desk will have the greatest impact on the market.

Fiber cabling currently accounts for 41.4% of the total market for cabling in buildings.