Cupertino Electric, Inc. recently announced sponsorship of the “open category” electrical problem at the 2012 Associated Schools of Construction Student Competition in Sparks, Nev. The annual competition, which attracts college students from across the United States, will be held February 8-11 to provide construction management and construction engineering students real-world experience and the chance to compete for academic recognition.

The ASC construction industry competition unites more than 1,000 students, who compete for honors based on time-intensive, real-world scenarios designed to test estimating and engineering skills. This year's electrical problem, created by Cupertino Electric's own estimating and engineering teams, is open to any student team attending an ASC-affiliated university. The electrical problem meets the increased interest in specialty contracting among students and universities nationwide.

"The success of the ASC competition is fueled in part by the increased interest in specialty contracting careers, which are becoming essential to the success of highly technical projects," said Mike Garner, VP of sales for Cupertino Electric. "Despite a down economy, we at Cupertino Electric see exciting opportunities for a new generation of project managers interested in applying their technical knowledge on large, fast-track projects that push the boundaries of innovation and execution."