The Energy Alternatives Division of Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI) recently announced the completion of a rooftop and parking lot canopy-based 480.34kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system for the City of Morgan Hill in Morgan Hill, Calif. The city’s solar system was designed and built by CEI and was installed on canopies and the city’s Centennial Recreation Center roof between August and November of this year.
“We set out with a goal to reduce carbon emissions and build a pleasant recreation experience for residents,” said City of Morgan Hill Mayor Steve Tate. “Cupertino Electric did a fabulous job of getting the project done on time and within the City’s budget. We were especially pleased that Morgan Hill residents were able to work for Cupertino Electric to construct the project and play a key role in getting the project built.”

In addition to eliminating the City of Morgan Hill’s recreation center electricity bills, the fast-track solar project will offset 623 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the lifetime of the system, provide covered parking for visitors and shade children playing at the center’s “Kids’ Zone” play area. During construction, Cupertino Electric installed 2,044 solar panels, employed local union labor, and leveraged the talents of several employees living in and around Morgan Hill. As a member of the original Centennial Recreation Center construction team, Cupertino Electric was able to leverage some of the original infrastructure of the building to meet the construction schedule. For more information on the project, visit