In an effort to identify the basic elements that must be in place for competitive energy markets to function, Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), Cambridge, Mass., and consultant agency Accenture are set to release the findings of a joint study that will “Energy Restructuring at a Crossroads” will be presented in Washington on March 5 by Larry Makovich, CERA senior director of North American electric power; Francis X. Shields, Accenture partner; and Keither Mueller, Accenture global managing partner.

Including input from more than 40 energy companies, industry associations and regulators, the study will define what energy companies and regulatory bodies need to do to create workable, competitive power markets.

“The United States power industry is at a restructuring crossroads of three paths,” says Shields. “It can continue along the path of experimental deregulation, backtrack to comprehensive regulation, or move forward to power markets that work.”

The presentation will be made at the Willard Inter-Continental Hotel, Washington, D.C.