Capstone Turbine named MGE UPS Systems as its first multinational service provider with the ability to offer Capstone equipment customers a service network spanning all of the Americas.

“MGE’s expansive service network encompasses virtually all major cities in North America and most of Central and South America,” says David McShane, Capstone’s vice president of quality and customer service. “In the power reliability arena, service and responsiveness are absolutely critical. MGE has the experienced personnel and the proven reputation to deliver a consistent, top-notch level of service to their customers and to Capstone’s growing customer base.”

In addition to many of MGE’s service personnel, Capstone has factory-trained more than 300 authorized service provider technicians. The arrangement with MGE enhances that service network, providing Capstone distributors the choice of using their own trained technicians, a third-party authorized service provider, or the new option of working with MGE’s network of specialists.