As residential broadband access providers begin to shift the marketing strategy for the technology from the advantages of a faster connection to the variety of content it can provide, several questions remain as to how the market will change between now and 2007 when worldwide gateway revenues are expected to reach $3.1 billion. A new study from Allied Business Intelligence (ABI) examines those issues in a recently released study and discusses technology standards and emerging networking technologies.

“Broadband Residential Gateways: Enabling IP-Based Services and Content Distribution for the Networked Home” answers questions like, How will the growing popularity of home networking drive the demand for a gateway device? and, What are the applications that will drive worldwide gateway revenues to the levels predicted. The two main broadband segments covered in the report are cable and DSL, including the new service offerings that will take advantage of the broadband connection in the home.

The complete study is available from ABI’s Web site.