In the hopes of helping homeowners and builders properly install structured cabling systems, BICSI has released the Residential Network Cabling Training and Registration Program. Based on the group’s commercial program, the new residential training program includes instruction, written and hands-on exams, and structured on-the-job training.

The program is broken down into two courses, RES100 Residential Network Cabling: Theory, and RES150 Residential Network Cabling: Theory and Hands-On Training. The former is designed for those who do not need hands-on experience and includes modules on voice, data, and video distribution based on ANSI/TIA/EIA-570-A and the NEC. The second course is for individuals with no prior installation training and includes a review of installation practices and hands-on instruction in new construction and retrofit rough-in skills for locating and mounting distribution devices and outlets. The written exams for both courses are based on Residential Network Cabling, a 576-page how-to manual.

Course fees are $450 for RES100 and $900 for RES150. Exam fees are not included in course prices.

For information on enrolling in the program or ordering the manual, visit