If you’re searching for quality subcontractors, the American Subcontractors Association (ASA), Alexandria, Va., is introducing a new searchable database on Oct. 15 to help Internet users locate a construction subcontractor, supplier, or service provider nationwide. The search engine, called SubLocate, will open at www.SubLocate.com. and allow advanced searches of 6,000 ASA members, including searches by construction specialty trade within a specified radius of a city.

The search engine will allow users to search in two ways:

  • By a person's name, company name, or company telephone number.

  • By a particular trade within a specified radius of a city.

Performing a search either way will result in a list of companies that fit the search criteria, and the user can pull up any company in the list to see its profile (including company name, contact person, mailing address, e-mail address, Web site address, fax and telephone numbers, and primary trade).

ASA plans to expand SubLocate in the future to increase its search capabilities and the detail of company profiles, such as by allowing companies to list multiple work locations that could be included in searches.