As athletes from around the world are competing for Olympic gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, Aggreko, New Iberia, La., has been on hand to supply temporary power generation for the games. The company is providing 100MW of power for television broadcast, security, and timing/results needs.

Introducing its new portable electrical distribution fleet at the games, the company has had more than 100 employees on hand at the Olympic village for the past 18 months, setting up more than 3,000 electrical distribution panels, 250 transformers, and 350 gen-sets to prepare for the events.

Grant Thomas, senior vice president for venues and transportation at the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee explains why Aggreko was chosen. “Because most of the 20 Olympic venues will be powered by temporary generation systems, we knew we needed a strong partner in the design, organization, and implementation of the event,” he says.

Among the systems the company is providing support for is the International Broadcast Center (IBC). The company has set up temporary prime power to the multiple media compounds, as well as TV cameras, production trucks, and satellite uplinks. In addition, the team in Salt Lake has set up secondary power generation for all venues’ timing/results operations, including timers, scoreboards, and leader boards.

Following the Olympic Games, the company will break down its equipment for shipment to Japan for use at the 2002 World Cup Games.